We believe in long relationships, good teamwork and genuine commitment. As a client of Ehn & Land, you can always be sure of having us close at hand whenever you need us. It may be a quick question, a challenging technical problem or a sudden production stoppage. We deliver fast at a high service level and quality whatever your situation. Many of our clients testify that we are a part of their day-to-day operations. That makes us proud.


Ehn & Land has been a family business for generations, but it all started with two former colleagues. Erich Ehn and Berhard Land had known each other since they both worked at the big company ACMA Axel Christianssons Maskin AB in the 1940s. Come 1950; they decided to team up on something new. Erich was an economist and administrator, while Bernard was a salesman and technician. They knew the market and founded the company as an agency for Wickman, a manufacturer of five-spindle automatics, which was a novelty on the Swedish market.
In 1959, Erich Ehn passed away. Bernard Land continued to run the company on a small scale until 1969, when he died. Then, Lennart Karåker bought the company. He developed its activities, brought in more agencies and increased the turnover and the number of employees. The Karåker family still has the ownership, now represented by Lennart’s son Björn and the granddaughters Madeleine and Pernilla. We have grown and developed a lot through the years, but the family atmosphere is still profound.

Environment and sustainability

Ehn & Land’s policy is to be an environmental leader in our industry. We shall contribute to sustainable development, taking care of our environment and the resources existing today so we can pass them on to our children. We will always act in a long-term circular manner, making us, our clients and suppliers minimise our environmental footprint.